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    First deer sighting of 2016

    This might be the momma deer and baby from last year. Although last year in the fall momma had two fawns. So I am guessing only one made it through the winter.

    deer sighting

    The fawn in hidden behind momma, but this video shows them walking away.

    We are testing a new trail camera, Moultrie® GM-80xt but it has its issues. It should of easily record several images and at least two ten second videos given the amount of time the deer were in the camera’s view.

    One thing we learned is that rechargeable batteries are useless in this camera, full charge Duracell batteries lasted only 1 day at 0ºC weather and the camera did not work below 0ºC. The company recommended Energizer regular batteries and it produced this image and video in -10ºC.

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    Footprints in the snow

    footprints,snow,winter,Loch Katrine,Nova Scotia
    Footprints in the snow

    On a walk today in the woods and there are plenty of rabbit tracks and such. A few small critters too, like mice. I am not sure what critter these footprints belong too. I know there is an ermine on the property so maybe that’s what it is.

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    Pelican in Flight Yard Art Woodworking Pattern

    Pelican in Flight Yard Art Woodworking Pattern,plans,projects
    Pelican in Flight Yard Art Woodworking Pattern

    A fun new project to mount on the wall of your ocean front cottage, or dock side railing, or anywhere else you like. The pattern includes additional line art to assist you in adding more detail to the silhouette if you want to. Choose to paint as little or as much detail as you want. Custom sizing available upon request.

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    Monday morning munch

    bunny rabbits,wildlife

    Monday mornings, time to plan the week. Enjoying toast and coffee and look who shows up for a munch! This bunny rabbit’s coat has almost changed from its winter to summer coat. Spring is definitely here.

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    Birds eating fungi

    Birds eating forest floor fungi
    Birds eating forest floor fungi

    Another one of these yellow fungi appeared overnight. Like the others, it will turn a bright yellow during today and then slowly fade. Apparently its edible to at least these birds. If anybody knows the name of the bird specie, let me know.

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    Visitors this morning

    Deer visit,wildlife
    Deer visit

    Always a good morning when deer come by for a visit. Especially when they are munching on the greenery that otherwise would of fallen to the whipper snipper. I’ll have to remember to not cut it all down so they have something to nibble on.

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