Meanwhile in Nova Scotia :)

Captured this moment on the doorstep this afternoon, just on our way out for a snowshoe walk. An ermine found itself a meal of squirrel. This is a couple times I have seen this ermine near the house. It probably explains why we have not seen any mice this winter. Which is ok by me.

Soon be turkey day in the USA

wild turkeys,Thanksgiving,plywood,woodowrking projects
these turkeys look board

I got a, not a turkey call… from a customer in New Jersey. Seems she just loves these turkey yard art projects but cannot get anyone to make them for her. She wanted to know if I could do them.

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Turkey Log Bird

turkeys,Thanksgiving,wood carvings
Wood you believe?

I find that when I need to take my mind off of the day to day things, I go into the workshop. However with no power, there’s not a lot I’d like to do with manual tools. I do have my chainsaw, so I set about creating some wood chips. Continue reading Turkey Log Bird