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    Sawmill Blades Storage

    As you can imagine, you have to have quite a few bandsaw blades on hand if you plan to run a saw mill. We estimate we get 300 – 500 board feet of lumber cut when the blade starts getting dull.

    Here is  a picture of Jim changing the blade on the sawmill from last summer. Oh yeah, I remember summer…

    Getting the new blade in place
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    Wildlife and puppies

    The other evening after supper we spied four deer on our front lawn. The most we have ever seen at one time before was three, usually a mother and two babies. They stayed for close to an hour, eating of course. They looked very healthy.

    This was the largest one, we assume its the Mom.

    Momma deer
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    Meanwhile in Nova Scotia :)

    Captured this moment on the doorstep this afternoon, just on our way out for a snowshoe walk. An ermine found itself a meal of squirrel. This is a couple times I have seen this ermine near the house. It probably explains why we have not seen any mice this winter. Which is ok by me.

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    Ermine or Weasel or Stoat

    ermine,stoat,weasel,Nova Scotia
    Ermine – Wildlife in Nova Scotia

    Whatever you want to call them, whether its an ermine, a stoat or a weasel, these little rodents are effective hunters. They will hunt mice, birds, fish, squirrels and pretty much anything its size or smaller.

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    Turkey Log Bird

    turkeys,Thanksgiving,wood carvings
    Wood you believe?

    I find that when I need to take my mind off of the day to day things, I go into the workshop. However with no power, there’s not a lot I’d like to do with manual tools. I do have my chainsaw, so I set about creating some wood chips.

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    Eagle soars overhead

    So this just happened. It happens occasionally overhead but rarely does the eagle soar for so long. Scrambled to run into the house to get the camera. Still a blurry image but best I could do with a maxed out zoom on a moving target a couple hundred meters overhead.

    against the wind