Windy Weekend

Wind: 1, heat pump shelter: 0.

Remember way back when we built a shelter to protect our heat pump? No? Well me neither. Had to look it up, surprised it was only in the fall of 2015. Seems like it has been there for longer.

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Completed shelter

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Storm update from this past weekend

snowstorm,Nova Scotia, Loch Katrine

#11. Snowshoeing Jan 28

Storm Update…we still have no power. This whole mess started Fri at 5 pm. Estimated time of restoration is 8:15 pm Feb 2.  With that said, my neighbour got his power back 8 pm this evening. The internet wireless tower is downstream of him so it has power, which allows us to finally get back online with the help of generator but can’t do anything else.

Below are some pictures from a walk on Saturday, along the old road on our property.


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Snowfall… Skyfall

This morning with the new snow of the season fallen to the ground, I had the feeling to write lyrics to this snowfall, a la Adele’s Skyfall song.

I’m not savvy enough to embed text into a video and time it to a musical recording. So, find your copy of Adele’s music and sing along to this little ditty I wrote this morning. Need a song to listen to? Let this play while reading the lyrics below:


Is this pretend?
Feel my hands. Cannnn they bend?
Feel my toes move and defend
My choice to be outdoors again.

And I recommend
you hold you breath this moment,
With convulsions, saying within
Its friggin’ cold, I’m frooooozen.

Let the snow fall
When it melts
We will party all
Face the sun together

Let the snow fall
When it melts
We will party all
Face the sun together
At snowfall
That snowfall

Snowfall is when it starts
Bending with the shovel and I fart
That sinking feeling, shorts are dark
You might point your finger, you may call me names
while getting underwear at Walmart

Let the snow fall (let the snow fall)
When it melts (when it melts)
We will party all (we will party all)
Face the sun together

Heading to the mall (let the snow fall)
People grumble (people grumble)
Line ups at the stall (line ups at the mall)
Standing all together
At snowfall

(Let the snow fall
When it melts
We will party all)

Where to put the snow
So high I can’t see
Was this really meant to be?
I know this for certainty
To be in the barn
away from the storm
Put my face in my hands
No man’s land.

Let the snow fall (let the snow fall)
When we crumble (when we crumble)
Seeing it all (Seeing it all)
Wishing for nice weather

Let the snow fall (let the snow fall)
Ice and tumble (ice and tumble)
Medics we will call (medics we will call)
Ankle back together
After snowfall

When the snow falls
We will swear all
At snow fall