Busy adding a backlog of old, vintage woodworking plans

Planter Cart vintage woodworking plan.

Planter Cart vintage woodworking plan.

Yesterday, today, and probably for the coming weeks I’ll be busy adding a large assortment of vintage woodworking plans and projects to our online store. Plenty of cabinets, storage solutions, and quick a few clocks. Here are a few others posted yesterday, a Three Attractive Planter Boxes and a Balance Planter.

2 more packages of vintage plans for my collection

Sorting through vintage project plans.

Vintage plan collecting.

This week was eventful because I received two parcels in the mail from recent purchases. Francie B. sent me the box of plans, 58 in total. Among them, 15 of them are new to me so they will go straight into my collection. The rest I will consider their condition and swap them with one’s currently in my collection.


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