Sounding off with the BOSS

If you have ever used a benchtop oscillating spindle sander, you know that its not loud. Its quite easy to carry on a conversation while using one, although I don’t suggest it. Full attention is needed when operating any power tool. When it comes to sanders, it can be very easy to remove too much material. That will leave you in a pickle for sure. So this sound test with a decibel metre is more of a curiosity.

First deer sighting of 2016

This might be the momma deer and baby from last year. Although last year in the fall momma had two fawns. So I am guessing only one made it through the winter.


deer sighting

The fawn in hidden behind momma, but this video shows them walking away.

We are testing a new trail camera, Moultrie® GM-80xt but it has its issues. It should of easily record several images and at least two ten second videos given the amount of time the deer were in the camera’s view.

One thing we learned is that rechargeable batteries are useless in this camera, full charge Duracell batteries lasted only 1 day at 0ºC weather and the camera did not work below 0ºC. The company recommended Energizer regular batteries and it produced this image and video in -10ºC.

Volunteer Fire & Rescue Adirondack style Chair

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Completed chair

Today we finished one of our newest woodworking plans in our online store, the Volunteer Fire & Rescue Adirondack style chair. All of the parts that make up the chair can be cut from one sheet of 3/4 inch (19 mm) thick plywood. During the process I made a few video clips on tips and the how-to of making the chair. The video is posted here.


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An ermine give a lesson in survival of the fittest

While out in the workshop recording our next woodworking project, Gina spotted this ermine (also called a stoat) along the house. Some have said its a weasel. Woodworking comes to a full stop and we proceed to catch it on video. Now I know from previous experience that these little animals are not that scared of me. Quite bold actually. This little recording session is not exception. It shows us that in life there is no reward without risk. A white fur coat on a green and brows grassy surface is only asking for trouble with the birds of prey overhead. But, it managed to hunt and score a prize.