• Machinery

    Bosch Sander 3107DVS

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    Tool box for sander

    I bought this Bosch 3107DVS random orbit sander many years ago. Its probably orbited the moon and back :). Its starting to show its age though. Currently having trouble with the sanding discs sticking to the pad.

  • Machinery

    Sounding off with the belt sander

    Workplace safety, we all hear about it but how many actually practice it? Recently I purchased a decibel metre to record the different sounds in the workshop. In this first sound test, we take a look at the belt sander. While making some plywood layered candle holders earlier today, I took the opportunity to test out the metre reader.

  • Woodworking Tips

    Paste Wax

    Paste wax your stationary power tool tables to prevent rust and keep the wood sliding smoothly. The only consideration is that wax may transfer to the wood surface. If you are finishing the wood surface with a stain or paint, you will have to carefully prepare the surface. In instances like that, I have a laminate panel I place over the tablesaw and some other stationary power tools to provide a smooth surface that is wax-free.

    I also use it on some of my wooden projects to provide a smooth surface as a final finish on top of paint or stain. And I even use it on our cork laminate flooring annually.