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Maritime Dolphin Sun Chair Woodworking Pattern

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New sun chair woodworking plan

Have fun building one of our themed sun chairs. We designed it for the porpoise that you can ease back and relax with a smile on your face. Make the tail stool as a slant for relaxation. Or build it with a flat top so you can stretch your legs straight out, or use as a side table. Full size drawings.

Sunroom on the deck with shades part 8

Sunroom shade 1
Sunroom shade 1

The following few pics show the canopy we built. Three panels that hang independent of each other. Using simply supplies such as left over 3/4 inch quarter-round molding and brass cup hooks. The panels can be placed in a couple of different positions depending on the position of the sun in the sky.



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Sunroom on the deck part 5

Sunroom deck construction 14
Sunroom deck construction 14

Spent part of the morning putting up the rafters and installing some of the uprights. Nursing a sore left elbow, not sure how that happened. Slowed up by that and the drill’s battery needing recharge every hour (only have one). Its all coming together pretty good. Did some quick measures for the glass roof. Gonna need 6 sheets of approximately 22 x 111 inches.



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