Wood map of Scotland

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wooden map of Scotland

Ever get an idea in your head that will not leave? 🙂 This is what was in my head for the past month and the only way to get it out was to create it.
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Wood map of Scotland No 1

wooded maps,woodworking,scrollsawing,Scotland,cartography
rough sawn wooden flag of Scotland

Today I progressed with making a wood map of Scotland. Measuring 22.5 inches by 35.5 inches. The back board is the flag of Scotland, made up of a 1/8 inch veneer panel to glue the boards onto, and then the rough sawn balsam fir boards are cut and fit into place.

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Wood map Newfoundland No 2

woden maps,Newfoundland island,scrollsawing,woodworking
large wooden map of Newfoundland

In the workshop today I am working on a 48 inch wooden map of Newfoundland as well as one of Nova Scotia. Both will be available for sale soon. I managed to save the parts from the large wooden map of Atlantic Canada from an earlier project. Continue reading Wood map Newfoundland No 2

Wood Map Nova Scotia No 13 framed

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wood map Nova Scotia No 13

I am pleased with this wooden map of Nova Scotia that I made this August 2016. I was going to make two different maps from the two parts of the cutting, a negative and positive so to speak. Then I thought that making a 3D coastal map and frame it would be nice idea. Here is a close up of the map. Continue reading Wood Map Nova Scotia No 13 framed

Laminated Candleholders

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laminated candleholders

Making the most of scrap wood left overs. Here is a use for 3/4 inch thick plywood, but any thickness will do. About 3 inches in diameter. That dimension will fluctuate as you choose your parts, progress with your glue up and sanding.

These are for sale, $35 per set of 3.

candleholders,plywood scraps,woodworking
plywood scraps reused