• Scrollsaw

    Scroll Saw Class is in Session.

    If you ever thought you couldn’t use a scroll saw, you might be wrong. Our friend Greg, who took the aerial pictures of our neck of the woods from the helicopter, asked Jim to make him a custom piece for a friend of his. Then he had a brilliant idea. He asked if he could help, and that would give it more meaning (and him more bragging rights).

    Nice design.
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    Christmas Tree and More Maps

    Hope you had a good weekend. We had just the right amount of busyness (is that even a word) and down time. We finally got our tree up and decorated. You might think that living on land that used to be a Christmas tree farm, we would have a real tree, but you would be wrong. While the trees were trimmed at one time, they haven’t been touched in several (maybe 15-20) years. They are way too big to come indoors. Sooo… artificial it is. This is one we have had for about 20 years and it will soon be time for a new one.

    christmas tree
    Ready for Christmas
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    Busy Weekend

    I love Saturdays for some reason. I guess its because it feels like it is the beginning of two days of freedom to do what ever we choose. Although this time of year we always end up doing some office work to get ahead of Monday.

    Besides that we managed a few other things, like a much needed power wash of the skidsteer. We didn’t want to leave the mud on it and have that freeze in place.

    skidsteer,land clearing
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    Pressure Treated Wood Maps

    wooden maps,Nova Scotia,provinces,Martimes,Made in Nova Scotia,pressure treated plywood
    Wood Map Nova Scotia #29

    Our original, hand made wood maps of Nova Scotia (and other locations) can also be made from pressure treated plywood should you wish to decorate your outdoor living space. Leave unfinished or apply a stain. This one is about 36 inches long. We can customize to the size you want.

  • Crafts

    Deer head lightbox

    deer head lightbox,woodworking,crafts,hand made,Made in Canada,Made in Nova Scotia
    Deer head lightbox

    Here is a fun project I made this past week. A live edge piece of 1 inch thick pine that features a silhouette of a deer head. 16.5 x 13 x 2.5 inches. But its more than just a silhouette cut out.