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Poplar logs are done… finally.

Annnndddd the poplar logs are done! About 93 logs and we got enough to board and batten the 40ft shipping container as well as these 5 crates of 1″ boards and one tall crate of bigger boards ( mostly 2×10’s, 2×12’s).

saw milling business,Nova Scotia,poplar logs to lumber
about 3000 bd ft of poplar

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Sawmill Blades

Diary of a sawyer (newbie stage)

I have been trying out some different band saw mill blades this past month. The blade on the bottom having already gone through the mill, past due for sharpening, the result of this newbie sawyer not knowing when to stop and change the blade. The top blade is a different brand, new out of the box and ready to start cutting.

Lenox,Woodmaster c-sharp,Kasco,sawmilling blades
band saw mill profiles

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