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Laminate floor installation

Laminate floor - quick and easy
Laminate floor – quick and easy

Someone asked for some help with installing a laminate flooring their home. An old farmhouse, you would expect the room dimensions to be off by a little bit but this house was well built and the room was as square as could be.




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Wind jammers for a sheep barn

Brierly Brook Farm
Brierly Brook Farm

The design of the mechanism that raised and lowered the crosswind plastic windows did not compensate for strong winds. When the wind blows from certain directions, it catches the end openings when the plastic is in the lowered position. He asked if the mechanism could be sheilded. I built what I call “wind jammers” and I fixed a few other things while there.


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DIY Kitchen Renovations

DIY kitchen renovation
DIY kitchen renovation

I totally gutted the kitchen and replaced it with the set shown below. This was a fairly straight forward job. The hardwood flooring went in later. The cabients are made from Newfoundland Birch, with a natural finish. The cabinet system was part of a kitchen manufacturer’s store display and I purchased it at a 60% discount price. Luckily all the parts fit with two base cabinets left over.


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