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Decks and Cakes

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Early mornings

This morning we have the task of building a deck for one of our mom’s. There’s things to do before we can go over. A neighbour is coming over for a hair cut so while Gina is busy with that, I had to fill in my time.



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Kathryn’s Garage Repair

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Back up,not paying attention

Backing up and not paying attention has its consequences, as my dear wife’s mom discovered not once… but twice! The last time was just a run in with the door frame, cracking the trim in half.  This time was more serious. The only damage to Kathryn was her pride… and a little bit to her truck.



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Garage window replacement

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Before the repair

When I built this garage 7-8 years ago I reused windows from the in-laws large dining room window. I had to make up my own window casings and every other year I’d have to scrape and paint the casings. But, over time the water got in and leaks led to rot and mold. Time to replace them with some solid vinyl windows.



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How to make a screen frame

Garage screen door.
Garage screen door.

As the final stage of building our garage sliding screen door its time to build the two screen frames and install the screen material. This didn’t cost me anything… well, ok, for you purist out there, it did at some point in the past. I had bought material to make the screens for our sunrooom and the scraps left over I did not throw out. So, it didn’t cost me anything EXTRA.


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Sliding Screen Door for the Garage

Screen door for the garage
Screen door for the garage

The attached garage is a place we use to store firewood during the winter. Usually we can keep about a cord at a time. For some time now I’ve wanted to have a screen door at the entrance to allow a cross breeze with the windows on the opposite side of the garage. It would help keep the humidity down, which is something I’ve noticed a lot this year.

So I present to you the nothing fancy sliding screen door.



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