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Laminate floor installation

Laminate floor - quick and easy
Laminate floor – quick and easy

Someone asked for some help with installing a laminate flooring their home. An old farmhouse, you would expect the room dimensions to be off by a little bit but this house was well built and the room was as square as could be.




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DIY Kitchen Renovations

DIY kitchen renovation
DIY kitchen renovation

I totally gutted the kitchen and replaced it with the set shown below. This was a fairly straight forward job. The hardwood flooring went in later. The cabients are made from Newfoundland Birch, with a natural finish. The cabinet system was part of a kitchen manufacturer’s store display and I purchased it at a 60% discount price. Luckily all the parts fit with two base cabinets left over.


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Front Step, Walkway and Flower Box Extension part 2

Post gets wired for lights.
Post gets wired for lights.

The original step came straight out from the front doorway. I decided it would be interesting to turn the step to line up with the exiting flower beds. Posts were installed with built in lighting and railing with a double top rail and alternating vertical panels.



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Laundry Room Renovation

Laundry room renovation
Laundry room renovation

A neighbor had a whole new kitchen installed and they had the foresight to disassemble the previous kitchen cabinets piece by piece. The old set was solid oak and was too good to waste. So they wanted cupboards in the laundry room. The pictures above are the result. The only piece of material I bought was a sheet of 3/4 oak plywood for the storage cabinet. Its amazing what can be done wha little bit of recycled lumber.


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