LED retrofitting considerations

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Retrofitting pot lights for LEDs

If you have upgraded to LED lights in your home or are thinking about upgrading, here’s something to look for during installation. Continue reading LED retrofitting considerations

Plastival.com Vinyl Deck Railing

Today we started installing a vinyl deck railing system made by a Canadian company from Quebec called Plastival. We purchased the kits from Central Home Improvement Warehouse in Antigonish.

This is a completely new decking system for me to install. So follow along in a few short videos of the different sections of railing, tips on cutting vinyl and other things learned along the way.

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Kathryn’s Garage Repair

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Back up,not paying attention

Backing up and not paying attention has its consequences, as my dear wife’s mom discovered not once… but twice! The last time was just a run in with the door frame, cracking the trim in half.  This time was more serious. The only damage to Kathryn was her pride… and a little bit to her truck.



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Garage window replacement

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Before the repair

When I built this garage 7-8 years ago I reused windows from the in-laws large dining room window. I had to make up my own window casings and every other year I’d have to scrape and paint the casings. But, over time the water got in and leaks led to rot and mold. Time to replace them with some solid vinyl windows.



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What’s that noise in the walls? (not for the weak)

Mice in the walls.
Scratching sounds can mean only one thing.

It wasn’t long after we had finished the basement that we started hearing sounds in the walls and ceiling… and sometimes a foul smell. Those who know that dead mouse smell… well, you know. We never did see mice droppings for the years prior to the basement being renovated. The last thing I wanted to do was open up the walls…



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Sunroom on the deck part 5

Sunroom deck construction 14
Sunroom deck construction 14

Spent part of the morning putting up the rafters and installing some of the uprights. Nursing a sore left elbow, not sure how that happened. Slowed up by that and the drill’s battery needing recharge every hour (only have one). Its all coming together pretty good. Did some quick measures for the glass roof. Gonna need 6 sheets of approximately 22 x 111 inches.



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