Homemade wood stain

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homemade wood stain

I read so much about vinegar and steel wool, and finally caved in and decided to see what all the hubub was about. I used a mason jar with one wad of steel wool and filled it with white vinegar (5% acetic acid).


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Product Review: Minwax Stain Cloths

A company sent us the Minwax Stain Cloths and asked us to review the product. When I do product reviews, I don’t preview what it is or how it works. I let the camera roll and let ‘real life’ take control. So come along and discover some of what this product is like. Continue reading Product Review: Minwax Stain Cloths

Refinishing an outdoor rocking chair

Refinishing a rocking chair.
Refinishing a rocking chair.

A woodworking friend, Bryan Cowing, made this cedar rocker for me a few years back. Its been parked on our covered porch since then. At the time I had put a couple of coats of clear wood finish. With the deck recently rebuilt, the idea came to refinish the rocker.



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Product Review: Krylon Exterior Wood Stain Spray Can Application

Krylon Wood Stain review.
Krylon Wood Stain review.

The Mission: To review the new product line of Krylon spray can applications of its semi-transparent exterior wood stains. I was contacted by a marketing company working on behalf of Krylon to review the product. They sent me samples of the following items: Semi-Transparent Cedar, Redwood, Rustic Brown and Honey Gold.



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Refinishing an Antique Office Chair

Stripping chair.
Stripping chair.

I don’t know how old this chair is. Its in rough shape for sure but it has sentimental value to the owner, so its in the process of being refinished. Lots of hand work to do here. The owner doesn’t have a time schedule to have it refinished so we’ll get at it as time permits.



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Rocker Restoration

Child rocker restoration.
Child rocker restoration.

This rocker was in need of repair. A friend of mine asked if I could fix it so that she could give it to her grandchild from Christmas. I received the rocker two weeks prior to the festive holiday. So this is what a 48 year old rocker looks like. Surprisingly, its in very good shape except for the obvious cracked blade and a few loose tenons.



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