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Recycled map cabinets make for high capacity storage

Re-purpose cabinets for workshop storage
Recycling cabinets

I obtained this bulk lot of 20 map cabinets at a government surplus auction. I was going to keep a few and sell the rest. But, nobody was interested so I am recycling them as storage solutions for the workshop.




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Laundry Room Renovation

Laundry room renovation
Laundry room renovation

A neighbor had a whole new kitchen installed and they had the foresight to disassemble the previous kitchen cabinets piece by piece. The old set was solid oak and was too good to waste. So they wanted cupboards in the laundry room. The pictures above are the result. The only piece of material I bought was a sheet of 3/4 oak plywood for the storage cabinet. Its amazing what can be done wha little bit of recycled lumber.


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