Building an air solar panel

air sourced solar heating panels,recycling
An experiment in green technology

I had this idea over a year ago, just getting around to trying it out now. I am going to build a air source solar panel box using recycled cardboard tubes, a piece of plywood and a clear plastic panel I bought at the store. Follow along, ask questions and provide comments!
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Building a heat pump shelter

woodworking,outdoors,carpentry,heat pump shelters,logs,logging,forestry
marking the peg

Time to start on building this heat pump shelter before the snow starts to fall. Last year was terrible weather for the big fan on the heat pump. The constant snow fall and thawing temperatures meant plenty of ice build up on the heat pump fan. I’ve never done log work like this before so its all new to me. Time to start on the corner posts.

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151st Antigonish Highland Games

upcycle,recycle,jewelry,kitch cutlery,knife,spoons,forks,knives,silverware
Country Rune upcycle jeweler

Spent some time today at the Highland Games in Antigonish this Friday July 12, 2014. Visit the ‘Country Rune’ kiosk, upcycle creator and seller of jewelry rings, bracelets and wind chimes made from kitchen cutlery and silverware dishes. Also watched  a few minutes of the caber toss.



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Garage window replacement

diy,vinyl window replacement,home imporvement,renovations,repairs
Before the repair

When I built this garage 7-8 years ago I reused windows from the in-laws large dining room window. I had to make up my own window casings and every other year I’d have to scrape and paint the casings. But, over time the water got in and leaks led to rot and mold. Time to replace them with some solid vinyl windows.



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Flat file map cabinets make great workshop storage

Recycling map cabinet office furniture.
Recycled for workshop storage.

I purchased two of these 5 drawer map cabinets. They are big! Too big for the house, which was the original destination. They are 48 inches wide and 36 inches deep. Two units stacked on top of each other makes a height of 36 inches.




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