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    wood map of Cape Breton

    A lady contacted me after seeing the wood maps of Nova Scotia and asked if I could just make a Cape Breton map. Absolutely!  See more here.

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    small wooden map of Cape Breton (#1)
  • Workshop

    pallet boards on the bench

    Today I picked out some old pallet boards from the wood pile out back. Pulled out most of the nails and staples and sanded them down. Glued together now, I’ll let this set up overnight for a strong bond. Not sure what I’ll be doing with it, I might cut out another wood map.

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    a glued up panel
  • Scrollsaw

    Wood map of Prince Edward Island

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    start wit the boards

    (Updated Aug 04 2015) A wood map of PEI is next on my project list. Yesterday I chose the boards to make the island map about 32 inches long. Lots of twists and turns in the outline, so it should be interesting to cut. If its anything like cutting out the Nova Scotia wood map, I’ll be sure to cut a few spiral blades.

  • Woodworking Tips

    Woodworking Tip

    Do you salvage wood from pallets? To eliminate the struggle taking them apart…use a nail punch to drive the heads through the boards rather than try to pull them. Saves a lot of time and and avoids the problem of the nail heads breaking off and leaving you with the unpleasant job of prying off the boards. Or use a reciprocating saw, or hack saw blade to cut the slat from the supporting wood.

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    Pallet wood tapered box

    Fall season tapered trough
    Fall season tapered trough

    Ahh, the fall season… my kind of weather. That part of the year that bring about the rustic feeling of hot coffee in the morning, a good bowl of chowder or a warm fire. Speaking of fire…




  • Outdoors

    Its pallet time

    Firewood cutting.
    Recycling pallets.

    Seems to be that time of the year again for gathering pallets. There are a number of local places that discard of pallets outside of their place of business. They are only too happy for you to come along and take them away, but you should always ask first.