Pallet board painting

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Inspired to paint

Gina was pinspired by a project she seen and wanted to do her own version. A trip to the workshop and a dive in the scrap wood pile, produced four panels which she promptly got busy painting.

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Volunteer Fire & Rescue Adirondack style Chair

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Completed chair

Today we finished one of our newest woodworking plans in our online store, the Volunteer Fire & Rescue Adirondack style chair. All of the parts that make up the chair can be cut from one sheet of 3/4 inch (19 mm) thick plywood. During the process I made a few video clips on tips and the how-to of making the chair. The video is posted here.


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Carbon paper helps with woodworking projects

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Carbon tracing paper #14-CARB2

One of the easiest ways to transfer project lines to a wood surface is to use a sheet of carbon paper. Carbon paper is called many other names, like tracing paper (for tracing lines to another surface), or copy paper, or graphite paper. Traditionally used to make duplicate and triplicate copies when using a typewriter.

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