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More Nova Scotia maps in the Workshop

We’ve been working on a few Nova Scotia maps this week. One is on order and since we were doing one we decided now would be a good time to do the second one for a Christmas present. That will make one name crossed off the old Christmas list.

pallets,NS maps,scrollsaw
Painting pallet boards.

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Kings United Church: Sign #1

The folks at Kings United Church asked for two new signs for the church. One for beside the front doors (which Jim is working on) and another for the side of the church that faces the road. So we got to work on the largest sign first.

Large sign for side of the church.

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8×8 ft Super Size Workshop for Santa Claus

woodworking,Santa Claus,North Pole,woodworking
North Pole Workshop for Santa Claus

A fun new full size pattern in the workshop today to help you get an early start to next year’s North Pole decorations, a super big 8x8ft workshop for Santa Claus. Sized to match some of our other recently added projects like Mr and Mrs Claus. Custom sizing will be available. As well as smaller versions of this project will be in stock ready for shipping.