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6 sided picnic table

picnic table woodworking plans
This is a heavy table!

I built this over a weekend from plans I purchased. The angles were a bit tricky and I made a few mistakes, especially in the support structure underneath. But its held up well over the years.




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Deck in the round part 4

Building a round deck
Rough day on this part.

Well, by the time I was done this level my nerves were about shot! Between bad boards and just plain ol’ having a bad day and not to mention I forgot to install the 1/2 inch plywood banding around the perimeter **prior** to installing the decking. Oh well. I’ll have to figure something out.



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Deck in the round Part 2

Woodworking a round deck
Trimming the round deck

I first installed a few upper and lower portions of the blocking and thought about how to cut the curves. I choose to use a reciprocating saw but not only was it a rough cut, my arms continued to shake after the saw was off! 🙂 I used 1/2 inch pressure treated plywood as a banding to cover up the blocking.



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