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    Country Roundup Wagon Wheel Woodworking Plan

    We finally have the woodworking plans available for our Wagon Wheel Picnic Table. If you remember last fall we built a Wagon Wheel picnic table prototype where we wanted to develop a set of woodworking plans so that people can build their own. You can read all about the prototype process here, but as a refresher these are a few of the in-progress pictures.

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    completed wagon wheel
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    Wildlife and puppies

    The other evening after supper we spied four deer on our front lawn. The most we have ever seen at one time before was three, usually a mother and two babies. They stayed for close to an hour, eating of course. They looked very healthy.

    This was the largest one, we assume its the Mom.

    Momma deer
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    Another day at the sawmill

    On Tuesday, with our house guest gone, we were able to get out to the mill again. While the puppy was here, he wanted no part of our work area. Jim was working with the skidsteer  to tidy up the yard and the puppy wasn’t impressed with the noise. I wouldn’t leave him in the house alone, he would only cry and paw at the glass door, so Jim was flying solo.

    Flying solo
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    Weekend update

    Happy Thanksgiving. We had a busy weekend.

    On Friday afternoon, we met up with Dave Restoule, the arborist we worked with a few times before to take down the remaining trees at my Moms place. In May (hard to believe it was that long ago) we worked with Dave to take down, I think it was 4 maple trees that were 70 feet tall. Got a nice bit of firewood from those. Some were rotten at the base though.

    Taking down the maple trees in May
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    Back in business

    Wednesday afternoon we ran errands and that included picking up fuses for the skidsteer’s grapple. That evening Jim put in the new fuses and we were back in business. Thursday morning we worked in the office and then headed out to the mill to put a dent in the pile of logs we still have to mill.

    Before we could begin we had to move the pile of lumber we already milled.

    Securing the lumber