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Unique tow bar feature

Tow bar adapter
Figure 1: S-clamp

Recently I had rented a post hole digger and had the choice to either transport it in the back of the truck or tow it. I opted to tow it. The fellow and the rental place came out with this unit, which I thought was pretty slick. The wheels and axle (Figure 1 and Figure 2) stay on the machine, while the tow bar detaches.



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Brush cutting in the heat of summer

Clearing saplings
Stihl brush cutting.

With even just a few acres of forested land, it can be a never ending  job to keep the property looking like its not overgrown. I’ve learned a long time ago to “cry once, pay once”. By that I mean not to go cheap on the tools I use for ongoing or heavy use. Basically you get what you pay for. I own several Stihl products and have never been disappointed with their performance.


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