Kings United Cemetery Cleanup Day II

Saturday morning brought cool weather and overcast skies. Ideal weather for working in the brush. Still though, you have to keep an eye on your water intake. For me, I sweat a lot now when working. Comes with age I guess 🙂 During a day like this I can easily put down 2-3 litres of water while working.

This was a big undertaking. Much more labour intensive than last weekend. Maybe that’s why most people stayed away from the request to volunteer some manual labour. Only Bruce Sinclair and his dad Lloyd showed up. We are grateful to them for that. Continue reading Kings United Cemetery Cleanup Day II

Truck door handle chipped at dealer

Paint chipped on handle

We brought the truck in for oil change and multi point inspection this spring. We ended up with multi point paint chips on the door handle. Dealer accepts responsibility saying it appears to be from the hoist. So they are willing to take in the truck and get it painted. Which is nice of them and appreciated. A bit of a pain though, to be honest, as they are located an hour’s drive away and they require the truck overnight.

Clearing land behind workshop

excavating,landscaping,land clearing
excavating behind garage

Well I finally gave up on trying to break up the embankment with the skidsteer while waiting for local contractors to show up (over a year waiting). The soil got too compact for me to break into, so I called a company from a nearby town. Blaine MacLane Excavation did a site visit on Saturday and Tuesday morning they showed up. Robert was the operator and he did a excellent job. I easily recommend them again for any work. For them, no job is too small or too big.

I set up my camera for time lapse photography and Continue reading Clearing land behind workshop

Sounding off with the chainsaw

All chainsaws are loud. There’s a reason they are loud, so that other people in the woods know a logger is there. Having said that, there are many people who have chainsaws but do not work in the woods. These days the chains is just as much a consumer tool as it is a commercial tool. I don’t know why someone has not yet created commercially available mufflers that are modified to exhaust less sound. Or at least an ‘instructable’ on how to make your own. I took my decibel metre and test out how loud my Husqvarva 353 chainsaw is.

Is it spring yet?

Spring time

Sometimes I see images online of abandoned automobiles, old scrap yards where the trees and bushes have started to take back control. Its interesting to see a tree growing out of an engine compartment, just something about the contrast of subject matter. This spring though, its difficult to say if its just coincidence or more like preparation by someone.

1933 Chev 1 ton staked flat bed

1933 Chev #2 Ervin truck

I found this ad for a 1933 Chevy 1 ton truck the other day out of Minnesota. Search Craigslist in that area for the ad. The truck has had some work done but its been kept original. Owner said he recently put new rear tires, new ignition and replaced some wood on the cab (due to dry rot). Currently stored in a 20 ft container. I looked into transport delivery as its 2900 km west of me.

Continue reading 1933 Chev 1 ton staked flat bed