Custom equipment trailer

CAT MTL with v-plow

skid steer with plow

I’ve been giving some more thought to my needs/wants for a trailer.  What we’re looking for is something that can be multipurpose to haul our skidsteer around (equipment hauler) or be used as a dumper.  Or, when using the skidsteer to collect wood, to be able to pile on at least a cord of wood, then load the skidsteer back on and go.
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Sawmill shopping. Thinking of Wood-mizer? Check this.

I’m in the market for a sawmill. I sent a legit question to the Wood-mizer web site asking about motor options. I posted the question to their web site. The person who picked up that inquiry, Dave Cheel, forwarded it to the National Sales Manager BUT not without adding in their own comments first. [Edit: Correction: It appears that comment was from Dorian Lavallee (National Sales Mgr), not Dave Cheel.]

Nice. Do you really think I would ever buy something from Wood-Mizer now?

Wood-mizer bandsaw mills

who’s stupid now?