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    Woodworking Tip and Bright Ideas

    Need more light in the shop? Take the base or clamp off an old adjustable desk lamp and drill a couple of holes in your workbench to accept the post or shaft. Most are 1/2″ diameter. It can be moved around and adjusted wherever you need the extra light.

  • Outdoors

    Driveway lighting

    3 globe driveway lighting.
    3 globe driveway lighting.

    This project took a few days to do. Three holes dug to below frost level, inserted custom made cement forms, mixed the cement, mounted the anchor bolts and let it cure. Then a 240 foot run of underground wiring for electricity, with pvc piping under the driveway to protect the wiring. Each lamp is rated for 100 watts, but 60 watt bulbs were used. The circuit is controlled with a timer.