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So this hoppined this evening

bunny rabbits, wildlife
bunny in bucket

Earlier today I was pulling dandelions. I had dumped a bucket full and was into the second filling when the black flies got too bad and I gave up. I just set the bucket and weed killer next to the doorstep. Look who showed up to the bucket buffet!

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Planting fruit trees

This summer brings about the task of planting some fruit trees in front of the house. Something I’ve been wanting to do since moving here. Last year we planted two apple trees. So this year we set about purchasing nursery trees from Pleasant Valley Nursery in Antigonish.

We chose two pear trees, a D’Anjou and a Harrow Crisp. Pear trees need two different types in order to pollinate. Also, we chose self pollinating trees; a Tehranivee cherry, a Stanley plum and a Venture peach tree.

Here’s a before picture of the proposed planting area taken from the deck above.
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