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Back up,not paying attention

Backing up and not paying attention has its consequences, as my dear wife’s mom discovered not once… but twice! The last time was just a run in with the door frame, cracking the trim in half.  This time was more serious. The only damage to Kathryn was her pride… and a little bit to her truck.



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How to make a screen frame

Garage screen door.

Garage screen door.

As the final stage of building our garage sliding screen door its time to build the two screen frames and install the screen material. This didn’t cost me anything… well, ok, for you purist out there, it did at some point in the past. I had bought material to make the screens for our sunrooom and the scraps left over I did not throw out. So, it didn’t cost me anything EXTRA.


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2 more packages of vintage plans for my collection

Sorting through vintage project plans.

Vintage plan collecting.

This week was eventful because I received two parcels in the mail from recent purchases. Francie B. sent me the box of plans, 58 in total. Among them, 15 of them are new to me so they will go straight into my collection. The rest I will consider their condition and swap them with one’s currently in my collection.


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Garage 20 x 24 ft

Finished garage.

Finished garage.

A friend was having this garage built so I, and another friend, gave him a helping hand. He had already arranged for the concrete pad to be poured, doing a lot of that preparation work himself. He arranged for a garage kit from Central Home Improvement to be delivered. Kits are fully equipped to build a garage although the homeowner should review materials list with builder to prevent extra trips back to cover any “extras” that the homeowner may add.


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Building a home garage and workshop part 6

Building a workshop

Garage door goes in

This morning we spent in town getting some lumber and hardware supplies so we didn’t get back until about lunch time. Our neighbor Hugh showed up again and helped install the single door and the garage door as well as two layers of felt paper on the roof. Then I fell off the roof…



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Building a home garage and workshop part 4

DIY building a garage kit

Ready for another day

Today my father-in-law lends a helping hand. Gina and I built and installed the gable ends and eaves made with 2×6 and finished installing the last of the sheet goods in the walls where the wall sections were joined together.



DIY garage kit

Stubbert is always willing to lend a hand.

Coming together.

Building a diy garage

Taking shape.

Here is one reason why we chose this spot to build a home.

Loch Katrine, Nova Scotia

Stopping to take a view.

We get a lot of comments about the steepness of the driveway.

Building a home.

We get a lot of comments on the driveway!

For anybody who doubted my comments about how much backfill was necessary. When I said over 100 loads, I was not kidding.

Filling in the landscape

Back fill

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