Curved planks for sale

tumbers,curved planks,saw milling
wooden timber planks with curve

I slabbed these boards from a curve in a trunk a couple days ago. I think its spruce. About 1 inch thick. The overall length is about 53 inches. The width at the apex of the curve is 6-8 inches. The overall height is 10-12 inches. Live edges. Check the For Sale page for price and if still for sale.

Trembling Aspen Chainsaw Carved Tree

chainsaw carving,tembling aspen,wood blocks
Slabbing the block

Taking a crack at carving a tree from a block of what I think is Trembling Aspen. One thing is for certain, when cutting with the grain on this wood, you need a really sharp chain, as you will see in the video. Continue reading Trembling Aspen Chainsaw Carved Tree

Soon be turkey day in the USA

wild turkeys,Thanksgiving,plywood,woodowrking projects
these turkeys look board

I got a, not a turkey call… from a customer in New Jersey. Seems she just loves these turkey yard art projects but cannot get anyone to make them for her. She wanted to know if I could do them.

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Wood Maps Nova Scotia No 18 and No 19 Cribbage Boards

cribbage boards templates,wood maps of Nova Scotia,hand crafted,balsam fir,Made in Nova Scotia,Made in Canada,tartans
Cribbage board template

A couple of people contacted me about combining the design on my wooden maps with cribbage boards. Worth a shot I figured. It was only when I realized I had to drill 361 holes did I begin to understand the amount of work involved.

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