Pallet Chickadee

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painting on pallets

My dear wife seen a picture of a similarly painted chickadee on the web. She liked it so much she painted one herself. The ‘canvas’ are scraps of pallet board cutoffs nailed to a longer board in behind. She did a great job for first time painting scenery and birds.

Soon be turkey day in the USA

wild turkeys,Thanksgiving,plywood,woodowrking projects
these turkeys look board

I got a, not a turkey call… from a customer in New Jersey. Seems she just loves these turkey yard art projects but cannot get anyone to make them for her. She wanted to know if I could do them.

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Maritime maps from pallet boards

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pallet boards craft project

(Updated Aug 03 2015)

Gina had asked for a map of Nova Scotia cut out from boards and she wanted to make it from pallet boards. Easy? Well, yes and no. Yes, I have plenty of pallet boards in a stack out behind the workshop. No, I have never cut out a map of Nova Scotia before, or any other province for that matter. One way to know for sure is to try it and see what happens. Once she was done with the dry brushing technique, it was my turn.

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