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Building a heat pump shelter

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marking the peg

Time to start on building this heat pump shelter before the snow starts to fall. Last year was terrible weather for the big fan on the heat pump. The constant snow fall and thawing temperatures meant plenty of ice build up on the heat pump fan. I’ve never done log work like this before so its all new to me. Time to start on the corner posts.

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Blocking wood stings… just a bit.

Cutting firewood.
Firewood can sting.

With 14 cords left to block (and split), I’ve been trying to get some time in each evening to pick away at the pile. This evening I found out that I am not allergic to a wasp sting. One can really sting. Two is downright annoying. Getting stung 3 times would put anybody in a bad frame of mind. But I didn’t get stung 3 times, no, not even 4 times…



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ol’ faithful, a Husqvarna 353G chainsaw

Battered and bruised.
Black with tar, thick with pitch, this chainsaw has seen its day but still won’t quit.

We cut a cord of hardwood today. I started out using 2 different Stihl saws but the little one I knew was underpowered for the 12 inch wide maple, and the larger one didn’t fair much better. So, I dug out Stubbert’s ol’ faithful, a Husqvarna 353G.





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