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Memorial Crosses

Milling lumber on the AMG Champion sawmill

Nov 5 2016 – Spent the morning milling some 1.5 x 5.5 larch and spruce to construct memorial crosses for the families who have lost loved ones on a dangerous stretch of the #104 highway between New Glasgow and Antigonish. Continue reading Memorial Crosses

Chainsaw carved wooden bowl

Burl bowl carving
Burl bowl carved with chainsaw

I found a burl cutoff in a forest clearing the other day and instantly saw a bowl. Now, I’ve never carved a bowl before, or for that matter use a chainsaw to carve. But, I’m game to try anything once. And this was fun! Things to note…you need a really sharp cutting chain, a steady hand and preferably a secure place to hold the burl while carving out the bowl. I didn’t really have a secure place so I buried it in a pile of bark mulch near my workshop. Then I started up the saw…


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