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Rustic tree carvings

trees,carvings,made in Nova Scotia,hand crafted
Arbortech® rustic tree carvings

As recently seen on Arbortech® Youtube channel, they featured a video on carving a small tree. So I thought I’d have a crack at it. I learned pretty soon that a dry piece of pine may not be the best material for the desired effect. Continue reading Rustic tree carvings

Chainsaw carved wooden bowl

Burl bowl carving
Burl bowl carved with chainsaw

I found a burl cutoff in a forest clearing the other day and instantly saw a bowl. Now, I’ve never carved a bowl before, or for that matter use a chainsaw to carve. But, I’m game to try anything once. And this was fun! Things to note…you need a really sharp cutting chain, a steady hand and preferably a secure place to hold the burl while carving out the bowl. I didn’t really have a secure place so I buried it in a pile of bark mulch near my workshop. Then I started up the saw…


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