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Reindeer U-Pick

log reindeer,wood crafts,made in Nova Scotia

Reindeer U-Pick

This is how we roll 🙂  All packed up, destination Halifax! We have the log reindeer, an assortment of yard art projects, like penguins, 3D angels, a 3D tree and how can we forget… Continue reading

Laminated Candleholders

scrap wood projects,woodworking,candleholders

laminated candleholders

Making the most of scrap wood left overs. Here is a use for 3/4 inch thick plywood, but any thickness will do. About 3 inches in diameter. That dimension will fluctuate as you choose your parts, progress with your glue up and sanding.

These are for sale, $35 per set of 3.

candleholders,plywood scraps,woodworking

plywood scraps reused

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse project

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse,woodworking projects

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse

We recently completed the building plans for a 10ft tall Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse. Now its time to get busy in the workshop to make a production model.

Follow along as we work through the building plans, offering some video tips for when you decide to build your own.


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Building a heat pump shelter

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marking the peg

Time to start on building this heat pump shelter before the snow starts to fall. Last year was terrible weather for the big fan on the heat pump. The constant snow fall and thawing temperatures meant plenty of ice build up on the heat pump fan. I’ve never done log work like this before so its all new to me. Time to start on the corner posts.

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Maritime Table and Chairs Woodworking Plans Set

Maritime Table and Chairs Woodworking Plans Set,woodworking plans,full size drawings,blueprints,patio furniture

Maritime Table and Chairs Woodworking Plans Set

Added today to our online store. A good size table for seating six adults comfortably. The table legs can fold underneath for easy storage. The chairs have comfortable ease back design, perfect for those evening meals that can go on into the night. Chairs have the option to build on an armrest. No special hardware needed, purchase carriage bolts and wood screws at your local hardware store. Full size drawings. Step-by-step instructions. Measurement on the plan are in inches.

Tree stump experiment

woodworking,tree roots

time to clean

Saturday is a day to get some things off the To-Do list; clean and vacuum the house HVAC, change the furnace filter, maintenance on the water pressure tank for the well (test shut off valves, clean rust off handles and treat with RustCheck), leveled and re-tied the apple trees, unseat a tire, mow the lawn, do maintenance on the mowers, trim some branches, remove some saplings from the wild rose bushes, work on a pallet woodworking project, move a flag pole to another spot in the garden, cleaned and did maintenance on the MTL and while the pressure washer was out, worked on a tree stump.

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