Baby barn 16 x 12 ft

Baby barn finish building.

Baby barn finish building.

A client asked for some help with a baby barn. Its dimensions are 16 ft long, 12 ft wide and 10 ft high at the collar tie on the truss. The chord length of the trusses are all 54-3/4 inches with 22-1/2 miter cut. The collar tie is a 8ft with the angle cut to tie into the top two chords. Trusses are to be nailed into the top plate of the 5 ft wall. That will make the roof flush with the side but I think we will flare out the roof to match the gable overhang of 6 inches.


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Building a home garage and workshop part 6

Building a workshop

Garage door goes in

This morning we spent in town getting some lumber and hardware supplies so we didn’t get back until about lunch time. Our neighbor Hugh showed up again and helped install the single door and the garage door as well as two layers of felt paper on the roof. Then I fell off the roof…



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Building a home garage and workshop part 4

DIY building a garage kit

Ready for another day

Today my father-in-law lends a helping hand. Gina and I built and installed the gable ends and eaves made with 2×6 and finished installing the last of the sheet goods in the walls where the wall sections were joined together.



DIY garage kit

Stubbert is always willing to lend a hand.

Coming together.

Building a diy garage

Taking shape.

Here is one reason why we chose this spot to build a home.

Loch Katrine, Nova Scotia

Stopping to take a view.

We get a lot of comments about the steepness of the driveway.

Building a home.

We get a lot of comments on the driveway!

For anybody who doubted my comments about how much backfill was necessary. When I said over 100 loads, I was not kidding.

Filling in the landscape

Back fill

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