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Sunroom on the deck part 3

Sunroom deck construction 7
Sunroom deck construction 7

One of the purposes of the sunroom is to be able to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by the bugs. Since the sunroom will be up against the siding there will be lots of gaps. I’m not keen on the idea of lots of and lots of silicone and caulking so this is my solution.




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Tricky shed demolition part 3

Lag screws!!
Lots of 3 inch lag screws!

On all the joins and around the perimeter of the roof, the builder had used 4 inch long galvanized screws with a 3/8 inch hex head. Along with stainless steel washers and I found remains of some sort of foam washer to prevent leaking… didn’t work. I had to use the impact gun with a socket to get them off.



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Tricky shed demolition part 2

Rotting interior.
Rotting interior.

On our second day, my wife and I spent the morning stripping out the first shed and emptying the second shed. In the picture below, you will see the back wall…rotten…and it slopes to the left. That actually drops about 2 feet. The bottom sill plate of the wall is completely gone so the only thing holding up the wall is the fact its attached to the roof.



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Monogrammed Gingerbread Custom Scrollwork

Scrolling gingerbread.
Scrolling gingerbread.

This gingerbread scrollwork is a little different that what you would normally see. This will be a monogram design, integrating the initials of the homeowners into the scrollwork design of gingerbread. If you have special request for unique designs to personalize your home, give me a call.



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