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Kings United Church: Painting the new front steps

Last we left of with the front steps we finished building the new and scraping paint off the old.

Lots of scraping to get ready for paint.

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Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse project

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse,woodworking projects
Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse

We recently completed the building plans for a 10ft tall Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse. Now its time to get busy in the workshop to make a production model.

Follow along as we work through the building plans, offering some video tips for when you decide to build your own.


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Garage window replacement

diy,vinyl window replacement,home imporvement,renovations,repairs
Before the repair

When I built this garage 7-8 years ago I reused windows from the in-laws large dining room window. I had to make up my own window casings and every other year I’d have to scrape and paint the casings. But, over time the water got in and leaks led to rot and mold. Time to replace them with some solid vinyl windows.



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Decor a door with screen door panels

Choosing a pattern.
Choosing a pattern.

When I was making my sliding garage screen door I wanted to add something different to decorate the door. I have already chosen my plywood and tested some router bits. So now its time to get busy with the experimenting. 🙂



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2 more packages of vintage plans for my collection

Sorting through vintage project plans.
Vintage plan collecting.

This week was eventful because I received two parcels in the mail from recent purchases. Francie B. sent me the box of plans, 58 in total. Among them, 15 of them are new to me so they will go straight into my collection. The rest I will consider their condition and swap them with one’s currently in my collection.


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Sunroom on the deck part 5

Sunroom deck construction 14
Sunroom deck construction 14

Spent part of the morning putting up the rafters and installing some of the uprights. Nursing a sore left elbow, not sure how that happened. Slowed up by that and the drill’s battery needing recharge every hour (only have one). Its all coming together pretty good. Did some quick measures for the glass roof. Gonna need 6 sheets of approximately 22 x 111 inches.



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