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    homemade flour tortillas (bannock)

    Spent Saturday morning doing some bread baking. Made our 4 loaves of bread for the week, and also made 8 pizza shells and a dozen sub buns. On top of that we made some pita wraps, also called flour tortillas or bannock. Super easy to make. The hardest part is rolling them out flat. So we made a video where the first half simply shows me rolling them. The trick is to keep dusting the shell, and flipping and moving it while making it thinner.

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    bannock pita shells first time making them

    Made some of these pita shells for supper after seeing a commercial for A&W’s Chicken Bacon Wrap Sandwich. Never made the shells before. Super simple recipe and they bake on the stove top in a frying pan 60 sec one side, 30 sec on the other. The shells with the darker spots had the best flavor so I’ll be sure to darken them some more next time I make them.

    pita shells
    homemade pita shells


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    Canadian Harvest Hearth Bread

    Canadian Harvest Hearth Bread Mix
    Canadian Harvest Hearth Bread Mix

    Years ago when we owned a bakery, we used to make this multigrain bread. I recall it had a very good flavor, especially when toasted. While at a local bulk food store (TRA in Truro, Nova Scotia), I was very surprised to see this on the shelf. Now I expect most consumers would not purchase a 20kg bag of bread base (you still need to add more flour). But I’ve worked with this before, only now the equipment I have is much different. Time to experiment.

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