Red Ribbon bird seed

Red Ribbon brand bird seed

Red Ribbon brand bird seed

I was putting just sunflower seeds in one of the feeders for a couple weeks now. The feeder would see, Chickadees, Purple Finches (male and female), American Goldfinches and a few other undetermined birds. Once we saw a bluejay on the feeder but they seem to like the ground better.

On a recent refill I placed this Red Ribbon brand product into the feeder. All the birds refused to eat it. After a couple days I dumped it out and placed it on the ground, which then attracted Bluejays along with an aggressive squirrel who kept chasing off the Bluejay. We also saw a female Mourning Dove that seems to have taken a liking to the feed.

Squirrely Determination

The squirrels are at it again. They outsmarted me with their agility in the last configuration of my platform bird feeder that was made from a smaller plywood base and a larger metal platform. They managed to wrangle themselves around by using the plywood and a gripping point. Therefore I placed metal underneath as well, figuring the flat non grip surface would hinder them for sure. Well, Continue reading