Rose-breasted Grosbeak birds

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Rose-breasted Grosbeak

After about 6-7 weeks of feeding black sunflower seeds to the locals, mostly Finches and American Goldfinches and Black Hat Chickadees, a couple grosbeaks how shown up. They are bigger than the finches, as is easily apparent in their efforts to squeeze onto the perch of the bird feeder and still be able to turn their head in and get seeds.
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Birds enjoying sunflower seeds

Just a couple shots at the feeder today.

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birds feeding


This is where they park themselves, high up in a alder tree next to the house when they are spooked, or just resting.



When they decide to move back, they do so about 1-2 trees closer at a time. Eventually one gets brave enough to go to the feeder and not long after that it gets busy again.

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perched and parked