Banana pudding cookie dough

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Budding pudding power is the secret.

The flavour sneeks up on you after you have taken a bite. When teh recipe calls for vanilla pudding powder and all you have is banana pudding powder? Improvise! Continue reading Banana pudding cookie dough

Apple fritters and sour cream bits


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After a long week of working, time for a treat. We mixed up two batches of deep fried bits; apple fritters and sour cream cake donuts. Both recipes can be easily found online. The sour cream cake donuts are delicious. The apple fritters are, well, different. They are really tasty but … spongy. Yes, I said spongy. Even after they have cooled, the large amount of shredded apple keeps the donut really moist and soft. I kept the lid off of the container all night and today I took them out of that open container and put them back on a cooling rack on the counter. Out in the open and not covered, in hopes that the donut would dry a little bit.  Not so.  I have to say its an odd texture, almost like eating a marshmallow.