Race Car bed done

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Race car bed side view

I completed this race car bed today. All total, this project took about 15 hrs to make. A lot more than I expected, or budgeted for. But that’s how we learn. Would I build another one? Maybe. The MDF material is really not something I care to work with again.

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Router bit bearing blow out

What is worse than a bearing breaking on a flush trim router bit? Having that broken bit travel into the project panel and gouging a hole that is not suppose to be there. This little video talks about that incident and a solution for fixing it, so that we can continue with building this race car bed.

Lowes® Race Car Bed measurements

Its always a good idea to review a woodworking plan and double check the measurements. Then as you proceed through the measuring of the parts, take your time and double check again. Today I found an error in this plan. Its no big deal, an easy fix at this stage. Continue reading Lowes® Race Car Bed measurements

Truck repairs by local company

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damaged fender

Last year I was backing up the truck and had forgotten the trailer was still attached. The result being I jack knifed the trailer and put a sizeable dent in the fender. 🙁 I went to the dealer for a quote and they wanted to cut off the fender and “glue” on another one. The fee, over $3,000.00


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Plastival.com Vinyl Deck Railing

Today we started installing a vinyl deck railing system made by a Canadian company from Quebec called Plastival. We purchased the kits from Central Home Improvement Warehouse in Antigonish.

This is a completely new decking system for me to install. So follow along in a few short videos of the different sections of railing, tips on cutting vinyl and other things learned along the way.

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Product Review: Minwax Stain Cloths

A company sent us the Minwax Stain Cloths and asked us to review the product. When I do product reviews, I don’t preview what it is or how it works. I let the camera roll and let ‘real life’ take control. So come along and discover some of what this product is like. Continue reading Product Review: Minwax Stain Cloths