Projects with Lights

We have developed some custom LED lights for our projects. Below are some of the projects that we make and sell from our workshop. See something you like? Contact us for availability. If you have a custom request, please let us know and we will more than happy to build something for you.

our Canada,Canadian flags,crafts,lights,lighting,handcrafted,made in Nova Scotia
Our maple leaf, inspired by the Canadian flag. 8×11 inches LED lights powered by 3 AA batteries (not included), light is on/off/timer (6 on/18 off). $28.00
lobster,handcrafted,nautical,made in nova scotia,pallets,LED lights
Nothing says Maritimes like a light up lobster!!! $38.00
LED lights, mini lights, wooden projects, backlit craft projects,Made in Nova Scotia,Made in the Maritimes,Made in Canada
Backlit letter X and backlit wood map of Nova Scotia, LED light features on/off/timer (6hr on 18 hr off), each priced at $38.00
wooden maps,Newfoundland,The Rock,woodworking
Wood map of Newfoundland backlit, LED light features on/off/timer (6hr on 18 hr off), $38.00 approximately 9 x 12 inches
deer heads, silhouettes,hunting,hunters,made in Canada,Made in Nova Scotia,made in the Maritimes
Deer head silhouette light box, LED light features on/off/timer (6hr on 18 hr off), $33.00
wooden crafts, angels,led lights,Made in Nova Scotia, Made in Canada, Made in the Maritimes
Wood crafted angel featuring multi function LED lights with remote (see video) $22.00