• Chainsaw,  Foresty

    Firewood and Dog Sitting Round 3

    We picked the second hottest day so far this year to start getting firewood ready for the winter. The first hottest day was the day we cut them down. We must be cracked. Or have very bad timing. We still have about 3 cords left from last year, but that’s not enough to get us through the winter. We usually use about 5 – 6 cords a year but its always nice to have extra. We started by cutting up the small parts of the rock maple we cut down a few weeks ago. The one large log from the base of the tree will go on the mill later.

    Making sawdust
  • Seasonal

    Making Window Boxes

    I’ve always loved the look of window boxes. I think they are really beautiful. Our house doesn’t lend itself to having window boxes, there is really only one window that would make sense, but one would look odd, plus I like symmetry. A lady contacted Jim to build her four window boxes, so I will have to live vicariously through her. Here is the picture she sent along to us.

    Flower box,poplar
    Yellow flower box
  • Crafts

    Adding Glass to a Nova Scotia Map

    We recently sold another wood map of Nova Scotia. I just love the colors in this one. I know, I know…I say that about each one, but it’s true. The customer requested that glass be added. This will be a first for this type of project. Since it was already framed, it had to be taken apart and reframed. Here is the map we were going to tackle.

    wooden maps, cartography,made in Nova Scotia,Maritimes,made in Canada,poplar crafts,woodworking
    Wood map of Nova Scotia
  • Crafts

    Making a Monogramed Sign

    This weekend we decided to make a monogramed sign to hang from the steel pole we placed in the flower bed a few years ago. We usually just hang a garden flag but each year it either rips or frays. These flags are around $30, you’d think they would last a few seasons. Nope. The one from last year had a small tear in it so I sewed it up and in only a few weeks time it had another much larger tear in another spot. They don’t make things like they used to. Time to do a little DIY.

    monogramed sign,pallet
    Painting the sign
  • Buildings

    Kiln Shed: Siding Part 2

    Between the blackflies and the raindrops, we managed to squeeze in a few hours to continue working on the siding on the kiln shed. I think I would rather work in the rain if I had to choose. Either way, we still had to finish one long side plus the gable ends. Working on the second pallet of poplar boards, we started with great optimism.

    kiln shed,poplar,siding
    Working on the 3rd side
  • Buildings

    Kiln Shed: Siding

    I had to look back through our posts to see when we last worked on the kiln shed. Apparently my memory is not what it used to be. I thought it was just a couple of weeks ago. Turns out, it was back in April when we put the metal roof on. How time flies. With the good weather this week we plan to get the siding started and finished. There I said it. Here is the shed when we last finished working on it.

    kiln shed,metal roof
    Looks familiar
  • Bathroom,  Painting,  Renovations

    Repairs to a House Built in the 1850’s

    My Aunt lives across the lake from us in a house built in the 1850’s. Its a beautiful old, well taken care of, farmhouse. These days you hear the term ‘farmhouse’ used at random to describe furniture or wall and ceiling treatments, even kitchen sinks.  What they are trying to replicate is my Aunt’s house. The real thing. We get to watch the sun set over her house every evening.

    nature,phtography,Loch Katrine, Nova Scotia,Canada
  • Crafts,  Scrollsaw

    Nova Scotia Crib Board

    We finally got an afternoon in the workshop so we had to put our time to good use. On order was a wood map of Nova Scotia crib board. Normally we print our maps out on self-adhesive paper and thats what we thought we had done until we got to the workshop and discovered we had printed them on vinyl. Me nerves. We decided to use them anyways and just tape the image to the boards.

    ns wood map,crib board
    Getting set up