• Painting

    Painting the ceiling…17 feet up!

    This is a job we have been putting off for too long. Anyone who owns a wood stove will understand the need to paint the ceiling. We have had the stove for 9 years I think, so it was time. It probably would have been done last year or the year before but we kept putting it off. With the paint bought there was no turning back. First we had to clear the room.

    painting the livingroom
    Blank canvas really
  • Machinery,  Milling Lumber

    New Floorboards for an Old Trailer

    We have had this trailer for nearly 12 years. It is well used for hauling mowers in the summer and the quad with plow in the winter. It has even carried logs. While the metal body is hard looking, it is what it is. Can’t do much about that now. We have known for a while that the floor boards needed to be replaced. One of those jobs you keep putting off for later. Well, we don’t have much choice now. Jim was stepping up onto the deck of the trailer to get on the ride-on mower and he put his foot right through the floor. Ouch.

    trailer,floorboards,replacing the deck
    No more procrastinating
  • Scrollsaw,  Uncategorized

    Another Very Large Map of Nova Scotia

    If you remember when we made the custom map of Nova Scotia on a grey weathered backer board a few weeks ago, then you remember we had the negative ready to create a second map. So that’s what we did. Here is a close up of the details on the Cape Breton end of the map. The dime is there for size and scale.

    scroll saw,wooden maps, Nova Scotia,Antigonis,County,Guysborough, Pictou, Richmond,Halifax,District of St. Mary's
    Dime showing scale of scroll saw work
  • Milling Lumber

    Back to the Sawmill

    Why does everything take so long to do?  Or is that just us? The week long heat wave finally ended and with logs piling up waiting to be sawed, we headed out to try and make a small dent. First things first, we had to build another pallet. We used tamarack lumber for the job and to get that lumber, we had to saw tamarack logs on the mill. That meant half the morning was gone just to make the pallets, never mind the pile of logs we are trying to get sawed. But, first up was changing the blade on the sawmill.

    Putting on a new blade
  • Crafts,  Painting,  Scrollsaw,  Yard Art

    Making an Eagle Whirligig

    We see a LOT of eagles in our neck of the woods. There is a fish hatchery just down the road. That could have something to do with it. They patrol the edge of the lake looking for fish. Every once in a while we actually see them dive into the lake for fish. They often park themselves on the highest tree on the edge of the water. So beautiful. We decided to build a whirligig, and what better than an eagle for our first kick at the can.

    wildlife, animals,American bald eagles, birds of prey
    American bald eagle fishing for breakfast
  • Crafts,  Yard Art

    Wind Spinner 2.0

    With the success of our first wind spinner, we wanted to make another one… but different. We were wondering if cutting out a different shape would make a big difference in appearance or even wind spinnability. Thats a word. But if you spell it a little differently you get a different meaning. Don’t do it. Here is the first one we made, a little blurry cause, well, it was spinning.

    wind spinner
    So handsome
  • Crafts,  Kitchen

    Making a Wooden Kitchen Sign

    Upfront I will say, in general, I am not a big fan of word signs but when I saw this phrase, it fit us too a tee. I couldn’t resist. So we went on the hunt for a board thinking we needed it to be about 8 inches wide. The first place we looked was in the shipping container. Jim has boards stashed all over the place. Like a squirrel with a nut.

    kitchen sign
    Looking for the perfect board

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