• Milling Lumber

    Purpose of Moisture Meter Readings

    The moisture content of materials plays a roll in woodworking, especially when your woodworking projects will be used indoors. Generally speaking, most woodworkers prefer their wood material to have a moisture content of about 8%. For furniture making, I can see the importance of that. For crafts however, I feel you can go with a higher moisture content.

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    sugar maple moisture content 14.0
  • Machinery,  Sawmill

    Saw Mill Laser Installation

    A laser beam allows a sawyer to see on the log where the blade will travel before starting the cut. This can be handy as it will save some time when cutting crooked logs or when you want specific features added to, or cut from, live edge slabs. Laser beam kits are available for many of the bigger, more expensive saw mills but for our small manual mill, no luck. Time to make up a DIY kit. Beam me up!

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    laser line
  • Milling Lumber

    Sugar Maple Cookies

    I milled some of the smaller sugar maple limbs for live edge slabs. The limbs had a curve to them, so I cut them live edge to get the most I could from the limbs. The limbs were about 9-10 inches wide. (This post original aired Jul 07 2017 but has been updated (see bottom) as of Feb 15 2018.)

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    live edge sugar maple slabs.
  • Machinery,  Sawmill

    Sawmill drip tank

    One of the basic components to sawmills is the drip tank, aka the lube tank. It provides water (or other mixture) that drips onto the blade while slicing through the wood. In essence, it lubricates and helps cool the blade; the lube makes it easier on the engine pulling the blade through the wood and the cooling helps keep the blade in better condition.

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    Don’t use wax based windshield washer fluid in cold temperatures.
  • Breads

    No sugar? No salt? No problem!

    Every week I have to make bread at home. I make other things too with this same bread dough, rolls, sub buns, hamburger buns and pizza shells. Today its white bread. But today I realized that after I had the dough developed I forgot to add the sugar and salt. Now what to do? Here’s a simple solution.

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    home baking