About Us

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Thanks for visiting our site. We are Jim and Gina Barry. Husband and wife team, married for 27 years and counting. We live in a beautiful part of rural Nova Scotia. We moved here 11 years ago from Newfoundland where Jim is originally from. In the beginning of our years together we owned and operated a bakery. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to you if you have been reading for a while.

Now we have day jobs working from home with Woodworkersworkshop.com and Freewoodworkingplan.com, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

On our blog you will find a wide variety of topics, but Jim is the woodchuck of this duo. He can often be found in the workshop fixing, sharpening, cutting, building something or working at our sawmill. Now in the beginning, the sawmill was his thing. I really had no interest and thought it was something he would putter at in his spare time. One day I thought I would give him a hand and the rest is history. It is really fun, Who knew!!





We also offer services locally including wood chipping, wood splitting, carpentry, bandsaw blade sharpening and setting and of course milling logs to lumber. You can read all about services here. We always have a selection of wide plank boards, some live edge. Ideal for building rustic farm tables, fireplace mantles or whatever else your imagination comes up with.