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Shipping Container: Board and Batten Progress

Back to work on the shipping container.

Header for shipping container.

The weather here is beautiful and sunny but also HOT and a little humid. Mornings are really the only time it is sensible to work on this project, since it is in the shade until about 10:30.

First thing we had to do was mill more logs.

Jim milling logs.

We wanted to put a 2 inch thick header on the top and then we decided to do the ends as well. You have to mill quite a few logs to get enough lengths at 2 inches thick to span the top and ends.

Doing my part.

Picture us on two ladders holding up a 2 inch thick 8 foot long and 8 1/2 inches wide heavy board to the top of the container and getting it screwed in place. Once I got off my ladder it looked something like this…

Header for shipping container.

There were a few sketchy moments but once we got that accomplished it looked like this.


While milling to get the larger boards you also end up with lots of smaller boards and those would be the beginning of our board and batten. Trying to keep it somewhat consistent with two widths of boards.

Ready to be installed.

We decided to attach the wider boards on the container and have the narrower boards placed on top. It could be done the other way as well, but we thought this was better for us.

We started adding the board and batten after we finished adding the two thicker end pieces. What I forgot to mention before was that when we added the header we cut one side (the lower side) on a 15 degree angle so water would be more apt to run off. Now with adding the siding we also cut the top edge on an angle so it would fit up under the header.

Its a start.

This part goes pretty quickly so we finally have some progress.

Getting there.

We stopped when it got too hot and also when we ran out of material to work with. All these boards and lots more of the narrow ones were the result of milling to get the 2 inch thick top and side pieces.

You can see the bottom is uneven right now. After the whole side is done we plan to run a chalk line and cut of the bottom.

Next up is back to the mill….probably  tomorrow morning. I never thought I would say this but a few clouds would be awesome.

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