Breakfast with the bald eagle

This morning we noticed a bald eagle land atop a spruce tree. As I viewed it through the camera lens, I watched it watching the man walking along the road across the lake.

American bald eagles, country living,inthesticks,birds of prey,animals

Bald eagle scouting breakfast

Maybe the bird was thinking, “Nope, to big to carry.” Then the man’s dog come along … …and I watched the eagle turned its attention to the dog.

dogs, pets,animals,birds of prey, country living,American bald eagles

Eagle looks at the dog

The eagle watched the dog as it walked the road.

wildlife, animals,American bald eagles, birds of prey

American bald eagle fishing for breakfast

The eagle probably thought the dog is probably too big as well because it looked down into the lake and took flight down to the water.

American bald eagles, birds,wildlife,animals

Bald eagle taking flight

bald eagles, animals,birds,wildlife

American bald eagle takes off

American bald eagles, wildlife,animals

Eagle fishing for breakfast

If it captured a fish, I could not see as the trees were in the way. Still though, a nice way to start the day. 🙂


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