Atlantic provinces wood map set

wooden maps,Atlantic provinces,Nova Scotia,New Brunswick,Prince Edward Island, PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador

Atlantic provinces wood map set

Another Atlantic Provinces group of wood maps (3ft x 6ft) completed. This one is going to a construction company in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Lindsay Construction.

2 hrs cutting on Saturday and 9 hrs on Sunday. Tight deadline, as they contacted me only on Thursday the 25th and are picking it up tomorrow the 30th. In amongst that we are working on the church too. We’ll always do what we can for our customers.

wooden maps,Nova Scotia,scrollsawing,woodworking projects

scrolling the coast of nova Scotia

wooden maps,wodworking,Nova Scotia

closeup of coastal region of Nova Scotia

Newfoundland,island,woodne maps,

wood map of the Island of Newfoundland, The ROCK.

wooden maps,Atlantic provinces,Newfoundland and Labrador,PEI,scrollsaw projects, woodworking

Smaller sections of Atlantic provinces wood map set

The customer used our templates to assist with installation on the wall. They contacted us to say they are very pleased with the outcome. If they are happy, we are happy! 🙂

Atlantic provinces, wooden maps,Nova Scotia,New Brunswick,Newfound and Labrador,Prince Edward Island,PEI

Installation by customer in their office.

Lindsay Construction,Nova Scotia wood maps

wood map of Nova Scotia installed

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