Field testing

staining wood,woodworking

field testing stains

Its always a good idea to have sample boards for staining and finishing. The wood samples here are some scrap spruce and fir in the workshop. I touched the surfaces with the sander but still a fairly rough finish. I mostly want to see how this software absorbs different stains.

wood stains,woodworking,samples

putting on some mahogany

Some stains really went deep, the darker walnut and mahogany for examples. Brush on, let sit not a minute, then wipe off. We tried out 6 different colors by staining both sides of the 3 boards.

staining board samples,spruce,woodworking

staining boards

So here is the end result. Using different latex paint colors and doing a top coat of white, then a bit of scraping, this is the result. Some color combinations I think are better than others, but that’s the good thing about taking time to test pieces.

weathered board techniques,diy,crafts

weathered boards tests

weathered board techniques,diy,crafts

testing paint techniques

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