Canadian Tire Mastercraft Maximum series 60gal air compressor

Canadian Tire Mastercraft Maximum Series Air Compressor 60 gal
Mastercraft Maximum Series Air Compressor 60 gal

I bought a new air compressor yesterday to replace the one that’s currently in the workshop. Its on its last breath. That Coleman served me ok for 10 years but a stint with an air sprayer pushed it beyond its capabilities.

An upgrade was in order so I bought this 60 gal Mastercraft Maximum Series 60 gal (227 L) air compressor at Canadian Tire, #058-9307-2.

The staff were helpful at the store in Antigonish and helped load it into the truck. I brought it back to the workshop, unloaded and unpacked it. While I have to wait for the electrician to wire in a receptacle for the 230v motor, I started reading the owners manual.

The manual, it falls a bit short in correct information and even misleading information. According to the manual, there should be a electrical plug and an oil drain hose. There are also extra parts necessary to get this up and running, in particular the above mentioned electrical plug, a 3/4 inch ball valve rated for 175 psi and a pressure regulator with similar rating.

Those last two items are necessary to connect air hose to the tank.

Oh, and there’s mention of a vibration pad to install the tank, which Canadian tire does not list on its web site.

There are also issues with the steps/procedures in the manual regarding installation and operation.

I called Canadian Tire customer service. It actually took 5 phone calls this morning. The first two times I was disconnected on being transferred over to the other department that handles air compressor concerns. The other three calls were to obtain a direct number to that “other department”. CanTire CS were friendly and helpful.

The ‘other department’ is Campbell Hausfeld in Ontario. I had the model number and serial number on hand. I called and the person on the other end asked for the model and SN, then asked for the manufactured date. Which I seen on the label but did not think was required for the call. I had to hang up, go to the workshop, get the info and call back.

Got the info, called back Campbell Hausfeld and got another customer service rep, who only needed the model number. Go figure.

The service person said that the electrical cord is not a part of the unit, its an “accessory”. When I said its mentioned in the owners manual:

pg 11 Owners manual air compressor Mastercraft Maximum Series 60 gal

he said that the manual is probably and old version and that they (whoever they are) simply wanted to use up the old ones. What? Really?

He also said the Oil Drain Extension was an “accessory”. No mention of it being a separate purchase in the owners manual:

pg 15-16 Owners manual air compressor Mastercraft Maximum Series 60 gal and on pg 22 owners manual in the Lubrication section is says to make sure the oil drain extension and cap are installed. Yet its not included with the package contents.

Then there’s the issues of flow of logic in the Owners Manual. Examples;

pg 15-16 of the Owners Manual – Installing the compressor : The install of the vibration mat is shown to be done AFTER the unit is installed.

pg 19 owners manual – Start-up procedure : Footnoting the use of a line pressure regulator rather than including it BEFORE explaining how to hook up air tools to the tank. That can be dangerous for someone not familiar with high air line pressure. Just think of the consequences of 150psi from the tank being directly connected to a 18 brad nailer.

While more than likely the compressor will serve my needs, once I have it installed…the supply of the unit and its owners manual fall far short of the standards I am accustomed to at Canadian Tire.

I went back to the CanadianTire site to provide a link to the compressor I bought. Now the page says that the product has been Discontinued. Have I been duped into buying an old product? After all, the local sales associates said they just got that air compressor in stock. More questions.

air compressor Mastercraft Maximum Series 60 gal
air compressor Mastercraft Maximum Series 60 gal

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