Chainsaw carved tree

chainsaw carving,Christmas trees

chainsaw carved tree

About a year ago I seen some chainsaw carved trees from blocks of wood. I’ve been searching online for tutorials or videos and could not find anything that really taught a person how to do it. So, I thought I’d try anyway.

The worst that could happen is I ruin the block of wood and it becomes firewood.

I strapped the camera to my helmet and set about hacking away at the block of wood. Below is a video of that first attempt. It took about 20 minutes so rather than make a person sit through cut after cut, I sped up portion of the video and got it down to below 8 minutes.

All painted now using a green wood stain that was sprayed on, and put into place in the yard.

chainsaw carving,Christmas trees

stained green

Another video of a tree carved using Trembling Aspen.

chainsaw carving,Christmas trees

woodland yard decor

If you have carved these, I sure would like to hear from you on tips or tricks. If you haven’t carved one but have some ideas, feel free to post your comments and or ideas below.

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